Tommy Womack - 30 Years Shot to Hell (2022)

Alternatieve titel: An Anthology

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Pop / Rock
Label: Schoolkids

  1. Willie Perdue
  2. The Highways Coming
  3. Government Cheese - Yellow Cling Peaches
  4. The Bis-Quits - Cold Wind
  5. Angel
  6. It's Been All Over Before
  7. The End of the Line
  8. A Little Bit of Sex
  9. Nice Day
  10. Everything with You
  11. Daddy - Too Much Truth
  12. She Ain't Speaking to Me
  13. Government Cheese - Fish Stick Day
  14. You Can't Get There from Here
  15. Betty Was Black & Willie Was White
  16. You Could Be at the Beach Right Now, Little Girl
  17. Government Cheese - Camping on Acid
  18. Daddy - Martin Luther
  19. Sweet Hitchhiker
  20. Positively Na Na
  21. 25 Years Ago
  22. Nancy Dunn
  23. Pot Head Blues
  24. Daddy - Vicky Smith Blues
  25. Christabella Wilson
  26. The Replacements
  27. I'm Never Gonna Be a Rock Star
  28. Alpha Male & the Canine Mystery Blood
  29. I Don't Have a Gun
  30. Wishes Do Come True
  31. The Urge to Call
  32. Skinny & Small
  33. Guilty Snake Blues
  34. A Cockroach After the Bomb
  35. Whatever Happened to Cheetah Chrome?
  36. Too Much Month at the End of the Xanax
  37. Government Cheese - Come on Back to Bowling Green
  38. Johnny Bought a Ring
  39. I'll Give You Needles
  40. Feel Beautiful
  41. If That's All There Is to See
  42. They All Come Back for More

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geplaatst: vandaag om 11:31 uur

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