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Alternatieve artiestnamen: ≠Zil¿h, Air, Aquabatic Bubble Gum, As the Funeral Procession Alights on the Tip of a Spire, BEP '88, Blistering Tentacles, Bodycocktail, Buddy If You Like Our Music Go to the Vet, Byoto Crow Mkstman, Catapults Dining with Shining China, Courtiszan, Creamy Porn Stars, Embarrassing and Regrettable, For Sleep Has No Boundaries, G Und S, Gory Armadillos Ekzacting Chortles, Het Zweetz, I>N>C>, JaJa HoLe, Kadamondamirzu, Krynge, Larb, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Eat, Magnificent Figures Formulating Manifestoes, Mami, Maurizantes, Me, I Like to Do It All, Meteored Enthusiasm, Music, Manifestos and More, Northern Lights Ascending, OK, 2, 3, Peaceful, Please Get Up On, Rid Cid of Arid Acid, Rude Awakening (If the World Sweats, Why Won't it Stain?), Runz..., Rust In Space, Soft Ceetie Shoulder Credentials, The Eternal Fire of..., The Final Product, The Prostitution Of...,, Thicknicksick, Tons Better Than Nothing, Unatoba, Unendorsable Substitute, What Those Unnatural Lengths of Rope Suggested, Wot? - Mix of the Ancients, Your Life Has Been ... For You, Your Must Lust Thy Labor, Zagwin, Zami, Zan's Big Orch Stone, Zanmindar, Zanoisect, Zanstones, Zantrip 2000 en Zantrip 2002

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