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Nieuw, zeer interessant intervieuw over de toekomst van Mercyful Fate.


King Diamond: If my back had been fine, I don’t know if I would have done anything with MERCY as KING DIAMOND would have been very busy. It’s a long story, you know, and it goes back to when the downloading went nuts. "Abigail II" was about to come out and we lost tour support for the first time ever and had to re-negotiate our contracts. We ended up finding a new way to record and keep the same quality and that was by using Andy’s [La Rocque, guitar] pro studio in Sweden. That way KING DIAMOND’s recording costs went down, and if we hadn’t had found that solution, we would have had to stop. MERCY is a different scenario. You know, Andy is not part of MERCY so he is not going to put his equipment at the disposal of MERCYFUL FATE for free. MERCY has never sold or done the same big tours as KING DIAMOND — it was always smaller. Therefore MERCY has a smaller budget than KING DIAMOND and always has, and in this scenario, right now, MERCY has a much smaller budget but with higher recording costs. That means that doing a MERCY album, you are not going to make a penny. I love doing what I do and certainly I am so blessed to live off my hobby. But you still have to pay your bills, since this is your job as well as your hobby. You just can’t take a year off the calendar and say "Let’s do a MERCY album" and tour knowing you are not going to make a dime. If I was financially independent, I would love to do it. You just can’t, you couldn’t, for instance, stop working for a year and say, "I am going to ride my bike for a year just because I love it." You probably wouldn’t have a home to come back, you have to pay your bills but that’s just life. That’s why MERCY is in a dilemma, but who knows if there was suddenly a time where KING DIAMOND was off. If by chance some of the guys said "Hey, man, let’s take a year off to work on other things," and everyone agreed. Then I might say, "Hey, I want to do something with MERCY", because then the time would be there. I would have no money coming in anyway and it was okay with everyone then I would love to do it. Because as it is, MERCYFUL FATE wouldn’t have to work with our lawyers to get a deal because we do have a deal. We are signed with Metal Blade for the U.S. and Massacre for Europe with MERCYFUL FATE so there is a deal and it’s done but no albums have been done on that deal. We didn’t take any advances because we weren’t sure whether we are going to release a new album or not and then end up not doing it. So nothing has been done; it’s just laying, but it’s ready and we did that exactly for that reason. If suddenly the situation presented itself six months from now, then let’s do it, but if we don’t have a deal then it’s impossible to do it. Because then you have to search for a deal and that could take forever. By then the opportunity to do it could be gone, so we got the deals done so can do it when the time is right. Let’s just say that downloading put MERCYFUL FATE into hibernation for awhile. But if the right opportunity arose, then yes, let’s do it. I can guarantee you that it won’t be one of those reunion deals because we never broke up. I see it as hibernating for a while but we will see what the future brings. It’s definitely not finished, at least in my book.


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Video van de Mercyful Fate medley van Metallica MET KING DIAMOND !

Leuk om na een tijdje nog eens Mercyful Fate-achtig te horen. Met King Diamond !

Volgend jaar komt trouwens een DVD uit van Mercyful Fate.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Is er al nieuws betreffende die DVD van Mercyful Fate?

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Nog geen nieuws...

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Christmas interview for Danish newspaper
Hail to all of you

King Diamond here. First of all, hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve.
I'm writing this in order to set the facts straight with regards to the interview I did for a danish newspaper just before Christmas.
When I read the article it became obvious that this particular journalist had an agenda of his own. At least half the article was false, twisting the facts to suit his "agenda".
First of all, Livia and I have no plans for having kids in the near future. We certainly love kids but it doesn't fit in our working schedule at this point. I don't know where the journalist got this thing from, but we do appreciate all the nice words you had regarding this subject even though it's not true. Also, Livia and I do not look forward to Christmas like little kids every year. It's a cozy time, sure, but again the journalist's choice of word are completely twisted.
Just for your info, the Christmas tree in the picture is THE ONLY Christmas decoration inside or outside our house and it stays up year round cause I don't want to bother taking it down and it looks pretty cool. Check the goat skull right next to the tree. I can see that if I open the door to my private life just a tiny bit, things quickly get twisted out of context, and that's why in the past I have always kept my private life and business very separate.

The second rumour that's floating around, which is that Mercyful Fate has started writing new material, I really have no idea where it originated from.
The present status of Mercyful Fate remains unchanged, meaning that we have not started writing new material. For that to happen, Mercyful Fate's recording contracts have to be renegotiated first. We certainly would love for this to happen so that we can finally make our long overdue "masterpiece". Both Hank and I are ready to go if that scenario presents itself, and who knows, that might happen this year.
So..... for this year, you will see a double DVD of old private King Diamond video recordings and a double DVD of old private Mercyful Fate video recordings which I am working on as we speak. Andy has finished remastering "The Graveyard", "Spider's Lullabye", "Voodoo", and "House of God", all of which should also be available this year. And then there is "the big surprise" (not little King babies with horns on their foreheads or Mercyful Fate writing new songs, at least not as we speak) but something that could lead to renegotiations of the Mercyful Fate recording deals. We'll see. Be patient.....

On a personal note, I do feel reasonably confident that the Mercyful Fate masterpiece will see the light of day.

Stay Heavy, you are the best!!

King Diamond

The Oath
Ongeloofelijk maar waar! 10 jaar nadat men stopte met Mercyful Fate blijkt er toch terug opklaring te komen!

De band is dichter bij een reunie dan ooit tevoren!
Voor het Metallica Guitar Hero game heeft Mercyful Fate de nummers 'Evil' en 'Curse of the Pharaohs' heropgenomen.

Dit gebeurde in Augustus 2008. De line-up was:
- King Diamond
- Hank Shermann
- Michael Denner (had de band verlaten in 1994)
- Timi Hansen: Had de muziekwereld al lang verlaten en heeft zelf in 15 jaar geen Bassgitaar meer aangeraakt. Na enkele uurtje oefenen lukte het terug.
- Bjarne T.Holm: het enige niet klassieke MF-bandlid. Omdat Kim Ruzz al niets meer van zich liet horen sinds 1985 heeft men besloten de laatste drummer van de band te gebruiken (1996-1999)

En nu hopen dat ze door doen met een volgend album en reunietour

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Fantastisch nieuws van een legendarische metalgroep. Iedereen wil naar AC/DC en Metallica (terecht natuurlijk), maar voor Mercyful Fate heb ik graag een arm en een been voor over (figuurlijk hé).

The Oath
Berichtje op Covenworldwide

Hail to you all Diamond Bangers,

As you all know 80% of the original Mercyful Fate line-up (King, Hank, Michael and Timi) re-recorded with present MF drummer Bjarne T. Holm two ultimate Mercy classics for the upcoming Metallica Guitar Hero game.
For those who aren’t into gaming it’s interesting to know that those two songs (‘Evil’ and ‘Curse Of The Pharaohs’) will be released on I-Tunes round mid April.

Also interesting to know that Andy mastered these two tracks for a possible EP-picture, released by Metal Blade and Massacre.

At this moment King is working on both Mercyful Fate and King Diamond DVD’s. Both releases will contain 2 DVD’s and according to King it will be worth the wait as it has some very exclusive content which surely no one outside the band has ever seen.

King has been working on the following concerts. Please note content of the DVD’s might change. Concerts mentioned here might after all not appear on the DVD.

Mercyful Fate DVD:
Copenhagen 1982 with Benny Petersen
Amsterdam Paradiso 1984
Copenhagen 1984
Reunion MF 1993
Roskilde Festival 1994
Copenhagen 1995

King Diamond DVD:
Washington 1986
1987 supporting Motorhead
Show footage 1989 USA + backstage footage
Full 1990 concert Spain Euro Conspiracy tour
Behind the scenes 1990 Conspiracy
Kopenhagen concert in the Park 1990 with 5 cameras

Also remastered King Diamond CD’s are in the works. Those albums have, next to the new masters, also 1 or 2 bonus video tracks. The bonus tracks shouldn’t be the reason to buy the albums according to King. The sound is so much better than it ever was. That should be reason to buy it. I know I would buy them King claims.

Remastered CD’s released with video bonus footage (might be one or two songs)

The Spider’s Lullabye
The Graveyard
House Of God

This coming Autumn might be the time to start writing new songs for King Diamond, and who knows if our involvement in Guitar Hero will raise our value to the record labels enough for a new Mercyful Fate record. Only time will tell, let's all cross our fingers (the unholy way) King says.

The Oath


Nu enkel 'Curse of the Pharaohs' nog

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Mercyful Fate gitarist Hank Shermann heeft onder de naam Demonica een thrash metal album opgenomen. De band bestaat verder uit de Forbidden-leden Craig Locicero (gitaar) en Mark Hernandez (drums), bassist Marc Grabowski en zanger Klaus "Hyr" Hansen. Het debuutalbum is zojuist gemixt door Dave Otero (o.a. Cephalic Carnage, Martriden, Satan's Host). Op de MySpace pagina van Demonica kun je nu de eerste song beluisteren, getiteld Demon Class. Bovendien kun je op de website van de band de tekst van het nummer terugvinden.

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Goed om te zien dat King weer back in business is, na zijn driedubbele bypass operatie.

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Dat hebben ze een paar jaar geleden ook al eens op, ik meen, Ozzfest gedaan. Toen alleen met King.

Hij moet wel z'n stem weer een beetje trainen. En dan als een haas naar Nederland.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Zalig filmpje waarvan ik vlinders in mijn buik kreeg, en daarvoor moeten ze van ver komen. Leuk om te zien hoe de heren "familievaders" Diamond, Sherman, Denner en Hansen (respectievelijk zang, gitaar, gitaar en bass) waardig ouder zijn geworden en heb je die grijns gezien op Timi "Grabber" Hansen zijn gezicht.

Hier en daar een kilootje bij en een achteruit deinzende haarlijn, hoe herkenbaar maar verder dezelfde Deense gasten van godbetert bijna dertig jaar geleden. Ik ben zo blij voor King Diamond dat het er nog eens van is gekomen na zijn miserabele jaren (rugproblemen, hartproblemen). Klasse dat de "oudjes" het nog in zich hebben, zegt nog meer over hun ontzagwekkende kwaliteiten destijds.

Stijn, doe een woordje voor ons Belgen en vraag ze om naar de AB in Brussel te komen. Prijs speelt geen enkele rol. Dat wil ik nog eens meemaken.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Dromen...: klik.

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Hier de setlist: King Diamond Concert Setlist at Sweden Rock Festival 2012 on June 9, 2012 |

In ieder geval wel goed bij stem op 'Sleepless Nights': YouTube - KING DIAMOND - Sleepless Nights [Sweden Rock Festival 2012] en 'The Family Ghost': YouTube - King Diamond - The family ghost Sweden Rock Festival 2012

Niet foutloos, maar hier heb ik toch wel veel respect voor. Ik denk dat de meesten de handdoek allang gegooid hadden.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Gelezen op Twitter, koude rillingen, Op te volgen.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
De reden waarom Timi Hansen niet meedoet, beterschap gewenst: Mercyful Fate Bassist Timi Hansen Is Battling Cancer -

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Een paar jaar geleden vond ik het al heel wat dat ik King Diamond nog een keer kon zien. Ik had niet verwacht ooit Mercyful Fate te zien spelen. Hopelijk komen ze ook naar NL.

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Vreemd en jammer dat Denner niet gevraagd is door King.

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Sir Spamalot (crew)
Michael Denner is met zijn eigen nieuw project bezig, de eerste EP staat al op MusicMeter: Denner's Inferno - Fountain of Grace (2019). Ik zou hem ook graag erbij hebben, alleen al om die huiveringwekkende solo's van de eerste twee albums te spelen. Waar staan mijn kaarsen?

Stijn_Slayer, laat mij hopen op een optreden in Belgenland, Alcatrazz of Graspop. Daar zou ik een aardig centje voor over hebben en tevens mijn tinnitus eens negeren. Dat ze maar alles filmen en een flinke dvd op ons los laten!

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Zelfs vriend Hank heeft Denner niet geïnformeerd over de reünie. Dus Denner hoef je niet te overtuigen, ik denk echter dat King D liever verder gaat met Wead, die al 22 jaar aan zijn zijde staat. Maar ik dacht dat het alleen om een zomer festival tour ging. Nu is Sherman toch aan het schrijven geslagen terwijl de King Diamond plaat dit jaar eerst nog moet verschijnen?

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