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Na overleg vandaag met herman hebben we besloten om analoog aan MovieMeter een apart Sporttoto en -poules topic aan te maken en te kijken hoe dat werkt. Hierdoor zijn de standen en bijbehorende discussies met betrekking tot de diverse poules makkelijker terug te vinden en blijft het Algemene Sporttopic ook wat overzichtelijker.

Vanaf nu dus alle discussies mbt de lopende voetbalpool graag in dit topic plaatsen.

Ik zal mijn dagelijkse updates die ik doorstuur naar alle deelnemers aan mijn voetbalpool, waaronder 13 MusicMeter deelnemers, ook hierin plaatsen.

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Ik begin even met een inhaalslag van de updates die ik al rondgestuurd heb.


All welcome to our 2 year event...the footballpool. We are proud to report that we have this year a record number of 181 participants, meaning that there is 905 Euro at stake.

And again we have participators from all countries, 13 countries to be precise: Argentina (2), Australia (3) , Belgium (53), Brazil (1), England (3), France (4), Germany (5), Italy (1), Netherlands (93), New Zealand (1), Portugal (7), Spain (7) and Thailand (1).

This first mail contains an overview of all predictions of all participants. Please find your name in the overview and check if we entered your predictions correct in this sheet. If any doubts of any mistakes, please immediately contact me or Rene Grispen (CC) for making the necessary corrections if applicable.

Also, please let me know if I am using the correct email adress and tell me if I have to use another one or delete one. Some participators also sent in forms for other people, in some cases I don't have the mailadresses from the people you sent the forms for. Please let me know their mailadress or forward my mails to them.

The first tab contains all predictions, I've put the predictions of the organization in the first columns.
The second tab contains all abbreviations used for the names of the players and goalies.
In the third tab you find an overview of all the names of the participants and the countries they are from

In tab 4 I placed some statistics.
There are 28 different finals predicted, the most popular final is Brazil - Spain (43 times), followed by Netherlands - Spain (24 times) and England - Spain (18 times)
Spain is by far favorite amongst you to become the new World Champion, 63 participants placed there bets on them, followed by 31 for the Netherlands and 30 for Brazil.

Looking at the TopScorers, David Villa is mostly chosen, 59 times. Second comes Lionel Messi (24 times) followed by Wayne Rooney (20 times). The number of goals scored by the topscorer varies from 4 to 12 and is 6,59 on average.

Most popular goalie, again it's Spain scoring here with Iker Casillas, 72 participants hope he will socre points for them. He is followed by Julio César of Brazil (40 times) and Gianluigi Buffon of Italy (29 times).

And also the Most Scoring Team is according to most of you Spain, 75 people think Spain will be the most productive team on this World Cup. Argentina is second favorite (30 people) and Brazil third (29 people). The number of goals scored by the Most Scoring Team varies from 9 to 27 and is 15,1 on average.

Then going to the statistics of the last three questions of this footballpool.
The total number of goals scored during this World Cup varies from 119 to 204 and is on average 155,41.
The total number of yellow cards during this World Cup varies from 56 to 431 and is on average 317,02.
The total number of red cards during this World Cup varies from 9 to 40 and is on average 24,93.

So far this first mail. Tomorrow I will send the first intermediate rankings.

Again, please check your predictions in the attached overview and contact us if something is wrong.

Bye Bye for now,

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Dit was de 1e update mail...met hierin nu ook toegevoegd een MuMeterranking.

Football fans,

It's on, the World Cup has started yesterday with the 2 matches in Group A.

First of all the home side who were playing against "El Tricolor". Mexico was the better starting team, had the chances to score but along the game South Africa started to find their rhythm, especially in the second half. Siphiwe Tshabalala had the honour of scoring the first World Cup 2010 goal and what a goal. "Bafana Bafana" had chances for more but after horrible defending Mexico made the equalizer, so it;s again a draw in the opening match of a big tournament.

In the evening "Les Bleus" met "La Celeste"...and (sorry for the French supporters) I think it's wise not to spend too many words on this match. It was a very poor performance from both sides.

Today started with the first match in Group B, South Korea vs Greece. I think we can already say now that Greece is one of the weakest teams in this World Cup. South Korea scored an early goal and dominated the match. A well deserved victory for "Taegeuk Jeonsa" who are now on top of Group B. "Piratiko" kept their track record of never scoring at a World Cup match and with the upcoming matches against Argentina and Nigeria I fear that the Greek have to wait till a next tournament before they see their team scoring.

This afternoon 16.00h was a match to look forward too, "Albicelestes" vs the "Super Eagles" and of course the debut of "Pelusa" as coach on a the World Cup tournament. Argentina started very strong, created immediately great chances and Gabriel Heinze headed down a corner in the sixth minute. And Argentina, with Messi either having chances himself or creating opportunities for others, should have doubled or tripled the score before half time but goalie Vincent Eneyama was the best Nigerian on the pitch with some superb saves and he continued doing this in the second half. With Argentina refusing to clinch the match with a second goal, Nigeria could still hope on a draw and they did get some chances to do so. But at the end Maradona could cheer with the first victory of Argentina and it will certainly not be the last on this tournament.

In the evening the tournament started for our English participants with the match of their team against the USA or "The Three Lions" vs "Red, White & Blue". England took a head start with an early goal from Steven Gerrard and although they didn't play well they maintained their advantage in relative comfort and there were no signs that they wouldn't go into half-time with a lead. Until the 40th minute when goalie Robert Green hopelessly failed at an easy shot by Robert Dempsey. The ball squeezed through him and although he desperately tried to recover, it was slowly rolling over the line. In the second half England again had an early chance but Emile Heskey failed in front of Tim Howard. At the other side Green made some amends for his earlier mistake by, with a bit of help of the post, keeping out Altidore's effort. England tried to increase the pressure but they never looked comfortable and they started more and more running out of ideas towards the end of the match. England was left behind disappointed, USA on the other hand were celebrating the draw at the end.

Results and Points:

South Africa - Mexico 1-1 - toto result: X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 91 participants.

Uruquay - France 0-0 - toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 63 participants.
Fernando Muslera: No Goals against, scored 5 points
Hugo Lloris: No Goals against, scored 5 points
Frank Ribery received a yellow card, 5 minus points

Korea Republic - Greece 2-0 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 53 participants.

Argentina - Nigeria 1-0 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 162 participants.
Sergio Romero: No Goals against, scored 5 points

England - USA 1-1- toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 26 participants.
Steven Gerrard scored a goal (5 points) but also received a yellow card (5 penalty points): 0 points


So what does al this means for the ranking. We have 3 leaders at the moment. Marc Knip, Nico Gosselt (who maintain the lead so far over his 3 sons who are also participating) and Vincent Resink are on top of the ranking with 25 points followed by a group of 17 participants with 20 points and 3 big groups with resp. 15, 10 and 5 points. At the bottom of the ranking we find Rik Moerman, the only competitor so far without points.

If any doubts about your points in the ranking, let me know immediately.

Ranking MuMeter competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (1) Lebowski - 25 points
2. (4) Kos, Paap_Floyd and Teunnis - 20 points
5. (21) Axel, Chengue, El Ninjo, Rayman - 15 points
9. (69) herman, Postpunker, rgr44 and Woody - 10 points
13. (130) Nicolage Rico - 5 points


A big day for all the German and Australian participators since they meet tomorrow in the evening match of Group D. Germany lost a host of players, like team captain Michael Ballack, to injury in the build-up to this tournament and the question is how strong are they? We will have a first indication tomorrow evening. Coach Low selected the youngest German squad ever on a World Cup. After 2006 where they survived the group stages and reached the last 16, Australia is not only again present at the World Cup but also keen to repeat that success. That will be a difficult task with also Serbia and Ghana in their group. Australia is hoping on star player Tim Cahill to be fit for the first match. Looking at the predictions Germany is the clear favorite, 161 of 181 participants think they will win, 6 of you have faith in the Aussies and 14 think it will be a draw.

But the day starts with the second match in group C. Algeria, responsible for eliminating the African champion Egypt, plays again Slovenia, repsonsible for eliminating Guus Hiddink's Russian squad. Two countries that are relatively unknown as football nations. Nevertheless Slovenia is favorite amongst you, 93 people gambled on a victory for the former Yugoslavians. From the remaining 88 participants, 33 go for an Algerian victory and 55 for a draw.

In the late afternoon the first match of group D is played, Serbia vs Ghana. An important match for both since the second round hopes of both could well hinge on this encounter. An interesting battle also between two Serbian coaches. The well known Radomir Antic (former coach of e.g. Real Madrid) is leading the Serbian national team and the relatively unknown Milovan Rajevac leading Ghana. Serbia is the favorite according to you, 83 participants are hoping to see them winning. 46 people put their money on Ghana and the remaining 52 go for a draw.

Good luck to both our German and Australian participants tomorrow.


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Hierbij de 2e update mail.

Die Mannschaft hammer Socceroos.

Football fans,

Another 3 matches played today and "Die Mannschaft" showed their intentions at this World Cup with a flying start against Australia. Pim Verbeek's team started the evening with hope on a good result but it all ended in a miserable evening for the "Socceroos". Not only they lost the match but also their star player Tim Cahill with a doubtful red card.
An outstanding performance though of Germany with all strikers scoring. Both Podolski and Klose, hardly scoring this season in the "Bundesliga" continued their remarkable scoring record at international level. And Mesut Ozil they have a new playmaker that make you forget that Michael Ballack is out of this World Cup.

In the late afternoon match "the Black Stars" met "Beli Orlovi". Both teams made it an attractive game to watch although for a long time it looked to become a goalless match. The youngsters of Ghana were the better team but also Serbia had their chances. But Ghana eventually made their dominance count when Kuzmanovic inexplicably left his arm lingering when attempting to head clear a dangerous cross allowing Assomaoh Gyan to score the penalty. An important victory for Ghana for surviving the group stage.

The day started with the second match in group C between Algeria and Slovenia or "Les Fennecs" vs "Zmajceki". This was a match to forget as soon as possible. Two anxious, edgy teams made it boring encounter full of errors. And the biggest error was made by the Algerian goalie resulting in the first Slovenian win at the World Cup.

Results and Points:

Algeria - Slovania 0-1 - toto result: 2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 93 participants.
Serbia - Ghana 0-1 - toto result:2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 46 participants.
Asamoah Gyan made 1 goal and scored 5 points
Nikola Žigic; received a yellow card and scored 5 penalty points.

Germany - Australia 4-0 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 161 participants.
Lukas Podolski made 1 goal and scored 5 points
Miroslav Klose made 1 goal and scored 5 points
Thomas Müller made 1 goal and scored 5 points
Cacao made 1 goal (5 points) and received a yellow card (5 penalty points), 0 points.
Tim Cahill received a direct red card and scored 20 penalty points.
Manuel Neuer, no goals received, scored 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

Topscorer of the day is Gabi von Trotha with 25 points with all 3 matches predicted correctly and scoring points with Klose and Neuer. But also our Thai competitor Achaya Israngkura, Bjorn Olaerts, Corné van Lokven, Guy de Bruyne, Ronald Matthijs, Ruud Kockelkorn, Tuan Nguyen & Janina and Wessel Maas did a good job with 20 points. Bjorn, Ruud, Ronald and Tuan are the biggest movers up gaining 105 positioins in the ranking.
But for some other participators it was a day to forget, especially for Kos Myronidis, Marcin Famborelo and Peter (Postpunker) Penders. All three scored 0 points and they tumbled respectively 63, 63 and 104 places in tthe ranking.

So what does al this means for the ranking. We have one leader at the moment. Out of yesterday's 3 leaders Nico Gosselt is the one left at the top of the ranking with 40 points, followed on a joined second place with 5 points behind by Gabi von Trotha, Gitte Vandenbergh, Guy de Bruyne and Teun Koning.
At the bottom of the list we 9 participators with 10 points, amongst them is Rik Moerman who scored his first points today.

Find your position in the attached file with the ranking and if any doubts about your points in the ranking, let me know immediately.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (2) Teunnis - 35 points
2. (6) Axel, Lebowski and Paap_Floyd - 30 points
5. (25) Chengue, El Ninjo, Rayman and Woody - 25 points
9. (67) herman, Kos and rgr44 - 20 points
12. (127) Nicolage Rico - 15 points
13. (173) Postpunker - 10 points


Tomorrow is the day all "Orange" fans have been waiting for when Netherlands at 13.30h will play the opening match of Group E against the Danes. The Danes are having an excellent track record at the three previous appearances in the World Cup, always surviving the group stage and 1 time reaching the quarter final. But the same is applicable for the Dutch who since 1974, in 6 appearances, also always survived the first round at a World Cup tournament. Despite of the absence of Bayern Munich star Arjen Robben, expectations are high in the Netherlands for the group stage. And not only in the Netherlands but also in our footballpool since 162 out of 181 competitors think that Bert van Marwijk's side will win. Only 4 people are going for the Danes and 15 for a draw. Let's hope a lot of people will score points here .

Second match in group E is Japan vs Cameroon. Japan, being one of the strongest squads in Asia winning 3 of hte last 5 editions of the Asian Cup, are hoping to do better than in 2006 when they exited at the first hurdle with 2 losses and a draw in the group stage. Since they brightened up the world stage at the 1990 World Cup, Cameroon is a team not to be underestimated anymore. They did an excellent qualification run and are clearly favorites in this match against Japan. 145 participants thinks Cameroon will take home the 3 points, 15 of you have faith in Japan and the remaining 21 settle for a draw.

Last match of the day is played in Group F. Defending champion Italy is facing South American Paraguay, who are for the fourth consecutive time present at the World Cup Football. Paraguay, who had an easy qualification finishing third behind Brazil and Chile, are known for a strong defense and are a hard team to beat. But can't we say the same of Italy? Question is how strong this Italian team is after the disappointing 2008 European Championship. Success coach Marcel Lippi is back and maybe he can lead them to the second world title in a row. Italy is the favorite in this footballpool, 117 participants think they will beat Paraguay, 15 say that Paraguay will win and 49 count on a draw.

Good luck tomorrow for all Holland fans and also for Michele Cominacini, our only Italian participator.


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En de update mail van vandaag zoals die naar alle deelnemers van de pool is uitgestuurd.

Teunnis gaat fier aan de leiding, zowel in de MuMeter ranking als in de algemene ranking.

Lucky Goal helps struggling Holland on the way.

Football fans,

A big relief for "Oranje", that after a disappointing performance managed collecting the first 3 points in Group E. Expectations were high in Holland for a good match, but in truth, the ninth game of the tournament followed many of its predecessors as both teams struggled for any sort of fluency and neither could find any real attacking momentum in the Johannesburg sunshine. Holland acted very tense and was never capable of creating chances against the well-organized and good defending "Danish Dynamite". But lady luck smiled at the Dutch in the first minute of the second half when a freak own goal of the Danes helped Holland on their way. The Danes were never able to threaten the dutch defense and without playing very well Holland secured the three points with a late Dirk Kuijt goal.

In the second match of group E Japan surprised with a 1-0 victory over Cameroon. In again a match with little action before both goals, the "Blue Samurai" managed to tame "Les Lions Indomptables" by a goal of Keisuke Honda. Only at the end of the match Cameroon managed to threaten the Japanese goal but without any result. A big success for Japan that finally could celebrate their first World Cup win outside Japan.

Defending World Champion Italy fought back well to claim a point against Paraguay. Again a match with hardly anything exiting happening in front of both goals and it was a great shock for Italy that the ball out of the first Paraguayan chance landed behind Gianluigi Buffon. A magnificent header of Antolin Alcaraz out of a free kick gave "la Albirroja" the lead and provided the match with what it needed, a goal. After the break the "Squadra Azurri" was searching for the equalizer but they were clearly missing the creativity of Andrea Pirlo and they needed a howler of goalie Justo Villar allowing di Rossi to score from close range. In the closing stages Italy pushed for a second goal, overall they were the better side but the draw was a fair result.

Results and Points:

Netherlands - Denmark 2-0 - toto result: 1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 162 participants.
Dirk Kuijt made a goal, scores 5 points.
Maarten Stekelenburg no goals against, scores 5 points
Robin van Persie received a yellow card, scores 5 penalty points

Japan - Cameroon 1-0 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by only 15 participants.

Italy - Paraguay 1-1 - toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 49 participants.
Daniele di Rossi made 1 goal, scores 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

Topscorers of the day are 6 people, Carel Vredenborg, Marc Wolters, Martien Jans, Rik Moerman, Rob Westerhof and Tuan Nguyen & Janina all scored 15 points. Carel Vredenborg gained 109 places in the ranking and Rik Moerman, the former red lantarn, 102 places. But also for Anja Plasschaert, Cristina Graça, Désirée von Trotha & Sebastian Prosch, ELS 4 GATS (our Catalan participators), Gerard Vanhees, Johan Vanmarsenille and Martin de Putter it was a good day moving up 63 places.
This is not the case for Ann de Turck and Marcel Eschauzier who both scored 5 penalty points and thus belonging to a group of 20 participators that lost 51 places.

So what does al this means for the ranking. We have two leaders at the moment. Nico Gosselt remains on top of the ranking but he got company of Teun Koning who moved up from the second place. Both have scored 45 points now. They are followed by 6 people on a joined 3rd position, Christophe Rahier, Gabi von Trotha, Marc Wolters, Rob Westerhof, Tuan Nguyen & Janina and Vincent Resink.
At the bottom of the list Ann de Turck, Marcel Eschauzier, Raimon Laan and Roy Gosselt are closing the ranking with 10 points.

Find your position in the attached file with the ranking and if any doubts about your points in the ranking, let me know immediately.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (1) Teunnis - 45 points
2. (9) Axel and Paap_Floyd - 35 points
4. (25) Chengue, El Ninjo, Lebowski and Woody - 30 points
8. (67) Kos, Rayman and rgr44 - 25 points
11. (118) herman - 20 points
12. (155) Nicolage Rico and Postpunker - 15 points


Tomorrow is the day the Portuguese, Brazilian and New Zealand footballfans have been waiting for. Portugal starts with a crucial match, already a first final, against Cote d'Ivoire. With Brazil being the favorite for cruising to the next stage, their is only one ticket left for the second round and both Cote d'Ivoire and Portugal are strong candidates to take it. So the winner of this match will make a hugh step in qualifying for the last 16. Will Didier Drogba be fit to start the first match? And is Christiano Ronaldo able to show his talent in this World Cup? We will see tomorrow. Most of you have faith in Portugal, 93 participators go for a Portuguese victory. From the remaining 83, 23 favor Ivory Coast and 60 settle for a draw. Good luck to our 7 Portuguese participators (and especially to my good friend Bernardo Alegra who this time seems not too confident about his team),

The other match in Group G is between Brazil and Korea DPR. Korea DPR is the great unknown on this World Cup. I have no clue what to expect from them. And what to say about Brazil, how strong is this Brazilian team. Can we see the first "Samba Show" already tomorrow. Nobody doubt on a Brazilian victory tomorrow...I think it's for the first time in this footballpool history that all participators have filled in the same prediction, all 181 of you go for Brazil. Well, our only Brazilian particpator Karen Formehl, will be happy with so much support. Good luck tomorrow Karen.

But first of all we start with a match between New Zealand, who are playing Slowakia. An exiting day for Brian Woods, our only participator from New Zealand. 28 years after their debut in Spain 1982, New Zealand is back at the World Cup. New Zealand is clearly the underdog is this match and in this group. Based on last year's performance in the Confederations Cup in South Africa were they didn't manage to score a goal, I think it wil be difficult for them to survive in this group. Let's hope they perform better now, good luck to you tomorrow Brian. Unfortunately the majority of our participators don't share your faith in your team, 133 go for a Slovakian victory, 35 think it will be a draw and 13 people think New Zealand will surprise with a win.

Well, thats it for today. All the best again for the people from Portugal, Brazil and New Zealand.


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Rangorde (Vorige) Naam Huidige punten
1 (1) Paap 55
2 (1) RhythmAndPoetry 50
3 (4) Rayman1 45
3 (9) levenvergeten 45
3 (4) Gé Breselassie 45
3 (1) dix 45
7 (9) KoenR 40
7 (22) 13woutie13 40
7 (9) Teunnis 40
7 (9) starsailor 40
7 (4) Reijersen 40
7 (9) Kos 40
13 (9) Strangeways 35
13 (22) De Trotse Tukker 35
13 (32) De-noir 35
13 (9) itchy 35
13 (22) BoordAppels 35
13 (9) Don Dijk 35
13 (9) stinissen 35
13 (22) Klumpie 35
13 (9) moviemafketel 35
13 (4) Ploppesteksel 35
13 (9) Joy4ever 35
13 (4) Roeb 35
13 (32) Nicholas123 35
26 (22) Bedorvenkebab 30
26 (41) Finisterra 30
26 (41) otherfool 30
26 (9) Pietlut 30
26 (9) orbit 30
26 (32) Titmeister 30
26 (32) wizard 30
26 (41) Ward 30
26 (22) De Klever 30
26 (22) Hoppa 30
26 (41) Sir Spamalot 30
26 (32) Benno 30
26 (22) MarkoS 30
39 (22) snarf349 25
39 (22) Running On Empty 25
39 (32) El Ninjo 25
39 (32) Diesel-MM 25
39 (50) Lukk048 25
39 (32) Elibol 25
45 (41) Weirdo Wizzy 20
45 (41) FlyLo 20
45 (41) Justus18 20
45 (32) voetbalfilosoof 20
45 (41) postpunker 20
50 (50) JohannesA 15

2-0 voor Nederland en een gelijkspel bij Italië... Wat heb ik toch een geluk

avatar van Nicolage Rico
Ik heb de pooltjes maar losgelaten. Telkens een "verassing" of dingen die ik op het laatste moment verandert hebt. Het moet niet mijn W.K.-pret beïnvloeden. Zit je doelpunten te hopen voor landen waar je normaal niet voor juicht.

avatar van Teunnis
El Ninjo schreef:
1. (1) Teunnis - 45 points

avatar van Teunnis
Nicolage Rico schreef:
Ik heb de pooltjes maar losgelaten. Telkens een "verassing" of dingen die ik op het laatste moment verandert hebt. Het moet niet mijn W.K.-pret beïnvloeden. Zit je doelpunten te hopen voor landen waar je normaal niet voor juicht.

Daar heb je wel een punt. Ik was bijvoorbeeld blij met het doelpunt van Italië (ik had een 'x' staan), maar eigenlijk gunde ik het de Paraguayanen wel wat meer dan de Italianen. Aan de andere kant is het wel zo dat wanneer ik een duidelijke voorkeur heb, dat ik dan niet aan mijn voorspelling denk (bijv. Zuid-Afrika en in iets mindere mate alle andere Afrikaanse landen).

Juich maar.
De WK-pool is een spel met een x-aantal deelnemers en aan het eind wint El Ninjo.
(vrij vertaald naar Gary Lineker)

avatar van El Ninjo
Zal deze keer wel meevallen vrees ik, heb 1x gewonnen op 50 pouledeelnames denk ik (maar dat was wel een lekkere pot )...vandaag sta ik ook nog op 0 pt, NZE - Slowakije goed, Ivoorkust - Portugal fout maar Christiano Ronaldo scoort 5 strafpunten met z'n gele kaart.

avatar van Nicolage Rico
Ik had (uiteraard) 0-1 staan bij NW-Zeeland - Slowakije. En een 2 bij de poule van Ninjo. Vooral zo doorgaan... Wat een droevenis. O ja, ik had winst voor Portugal.

avatar van Paap_Floyd
Ik had 1-1 bij Nieuw-Zeeland en 1-1 bij Portugal
Maargoed, Parijs is nog ver... Ik sta liever aan het eind bovenaan dan nu

avatar van Nicolage Rico
Ouwe mazzelpik!

avatar van Paap_Floyd
Vanavond moet het 4-0 worden

avatar van Nicolage Rico
Dat heb ik ook, dus vergeet het maar.

avatar van Paap_Floyd
1 (1) Paap 75
2 (3) dix 60
3 (7) Teunnis 55
3 (2) RhythmAndPoetry 55
3 (3) levenvergeten 55
6 (7) 13woutie13 50
6 (7) Reijersen 50
6 (13) Don Dijk 50
6 (7) Kos 50
6 (3) Rayman1 50
6 (3) Gé Breselassie 50
6 (13) Strangeways 50
13 (13) BoordAppels 45
13 (7) KoenR 45
13 (7) starsailor 45
13 (39) El Ninjo 45
13 (13) stinissen 45
18 (13) Klumpie 40
18 (26) Finisterra 40
18 (13) moviemafketel 40
18 (26) Bedorvenkebab 40
18 (26) otherfool 40
18 (13) itchy 40
18 (13) De-noir 40
18 (26) De Klever 40
18 (26) Ward 40
18 (13) Joy4ever 40
18 (13) Roeb 40
18 (13) Nicholas123 40
18 (13) Ploppesteksel 40
18 (26) wizard 40
18 (26) Pietlut 40
18 (13) De Trotse Tukker 40
34 (45) Weirdo Wizzy 35
34 (26) Hoppa 35
34 (26) Sir Spamalot 35
34 (26) Benno 35
34 (26) MarkoS 35
34 (26) Titmeister 35
34 (39) Lukk048 35
34 (39) Elibol 35
34 (45) voetbalfilosoof 35
34 (26) orbit 35
34 (39) Diesel-MM 35
34 (45) postpunker 35
46 (39) Running On Empty 30
46 (45) Justus18 30
46 (39) snarf349 30
49 (45) FlyLo 25
49 (50) Harry Decheiver 25

avatar van El Ninjo
De dagelijkse update mail van mijn voetbalpool met hierin ook de MuMeter deelnemers ranking in verwerkt.

All Whites surprise at World Cup

Football fans,

A big day for New Zealand today and most surely for our New Zealand competitor Brian Woods. The "All Whites" upset the Slovakians by snatching an injury-time equalizer against "Repre" to earn them their first ever World Cup point. Slovakia were on course for a perfect start in their debut World Cup as an independent nation but with only 30 seconds left in the game, New Zealand pump a cross into the Slovakia box and Winston Reid heads in from eight yards. All teams are levelled now in Group E, 1 pt and 1-1.

The second match of the day between Ivory Coast and Portugal was a very tight close match with "les Éléphants" maybe slightly better than the "Selecção das Quinas". Tactically it was a very good game from both sides but the match was clearly lacking a goal from either of the 2 teams. And none of the two big stars were shining yet. Of course we couldn't expect much from Didier Drogba after breaking his arm two weeks ago. But Christiano Ronaldo played, besides a great shot in the beginning of the game that hit the post, a disappointing match. Conclusion at the end, a fair result but still a long way to go for both teams, they both need a result against Brazil or go for the goal difference againt Korea to survive the group stage.

The evening match gave us another title candidate, Brazil. But "La Seleçao" had a hard time with the well organized playing North Koreans. Maicon's superb strike, one of those classic Brazil goals that deserve repeated viewings, broke the deadlock but, even after Elano made it 2-0, "Chollima" kept battling and Ji Yun-nam's goal was a deserved reply for the hard working Koreans.

Results and Points:

New Zealand - Slovakia 1-1 - toto result: X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 35 participants.

Cote d'Ivoire - Portugal 0-0 - toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by only 15 participants.
Christiano Ronaldo received a yellow card and scored 5 penalty points.
Eduardo, no goals against, scores 5 points.

Brazil - Korea DPR 2-1 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by all 181 participants.

Scores and Ranking:

Today was a good day for the following 8 people all scoring 15 points, Carl Ouweneel, Christophe Rahier, Gerard Vanhees, Gert Klingeleers, Marc Knip, Marc van Moorsel, Menno Maas and Raymond Papenburg.
For 2 of them, Carl Ouweneel and Menno Maas it means they are the winners of the day by gaining 82 places in the ranking and for Christophe Rahier it means that he moved to the top of the ranking while Raymond Papenburg moved up just behind the top 3.

At the other end we see Els 4 Gats, Henk Guilliet, José Cutileiro, Louis Moons, Myranda Braal, Nick de Poorter, Rimco Boelaarts and Ruud Kockelkorn, all scoring 0 points and all dropping 60 positions.

So what does al this means for the ranking. The two leaders of yesterday Nico Gosselt and Teun Koning got company as I told by Christophe Rahier. All three of them have scored 55 points now. Raymond Papenburg finds himself back on the 4th place with only 5 points behind and we have a group of 10 people joining the 5th position. From the people at the bottom of the list Marcel Eschauzier (the number 2 of the EURO 2008 footballpool edition) was the only one scoring no points, meaning he holds the red lantarn alone now with 10 points scored.

Find your position in the attached file with the ranking and if any doubts about your points in the ranking, let me know immediately.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (1) Teunnis - 55 points
2. (4) Paap_Floyd - 50 points
3. (5) Axel and Lebowski - 45 points
5. (15) Woody - 40 points
6. (36) Chengue, El Ninjo, Kos and Rayman - 35 points
10. (73) rgr44 - 30 points
11. (124) Postpunker - 25 points
12. (155) herman and Nicolage Rico - 20 points


Tomorrow it's time for Group H, the very last group in the first round and for one of the big favorites for the title, Spain. Spain opens against Switzerland and expectations are high for the European Champion. Also in our pool Spain is by far the favorite, 63 (1/3 of the participators) people have chosen them as the new World Champion. And looking at the predictions of this match you would say Switzerland has no chance at all, 176 go for a Spanish victory and only 5 think it will be a draw. Good luck to all our Spanish participators, especially to Miguel Fernandez Hernanz and José Diaz.

The other match in Group H is between Honduras and Chile. Usually the third team that qualifies from the North, Central America and Caribbean Zone is one of the weaker teams at the World Cup. And with Chile finishing second in the South American Zone, just one point behind Brazil, it's obvious that they are the favorites in this match. We also see this in the statistics of the predictions for this match. 129 people go for Chile, 15 for Honduras and 37 for a draw.

In the evening South Africa plays it's second match against Uruguay. With all 4 teams starting with a draw I am afraid that again both sides will be desperate to avoid defeat, since the loser of this match is almost out of the tournament. Hopefully both teams have the intention to look at it from the other side, the winner of this match is almost qualified for the next round. Can the home nation surprise or will the Uruquayan attack with Suarez and Forlan showing their strength. Most of you put their money on Uruquay, 96 to be precise. From the remaining 85, 38 go for South Africa and 47 settle for a draw.

Well, thats it for today. All the best again for the Spanish participators.

Hasta Luego,

avatar van Bedorvenkebab
Het verliep weer eens dramatisch, totdat Noord-Korea me niet teleurstelde en gewoon 10 punten opleverde. Paap gaat hard trouwens

Volgens de MM poule 50 punten na 2/3 wedstrijden vandaag. Spanje-Zwitserland natuurlijk fout gegokt (3-1). En Uruguay met 1-2 laten winnen van Bafana Bafana, maar denk eerlijk gezegd niet dat dat er in zit.

avatar van Teunnis
Zowel in de MM poule als in de poule van El Ninjo had niemand Spanje - Zwitserland goed voorspelt.

avatar van snarf349
Niet te geloven, zowat laatste op de MM-poule en op m'n werk sta ik vijfde.

avatar van Sir Spamalot
Sir Spamalot (crew)
"De laatsten zullen de eersten zijn", ook van toepassing op mij: 35 punten. Een paar keren ben ik er nipt naast geweest, net niet... Hoed af voor Paap!

avatar van Paap_Floyd
Ik sta er nog steeds versteld van. Jammer van Uruguays penalty en het uitblijven van een tweede Chili-goal

1 (1) Paap 85
2 (3) levenvergeten 70
3 (2) dix 65
3 (3) Teunnis 65
3 (3) RhythmAndPoetry 65
6 (6) Gé Breselassie 60
6 (6) Strangeways 60
6 (6) Kos 60
9 (13) KoenR 55
9 (6) Reijersen 55
9 (6) Rayman1 55
9 (13) El Ninjo 55
9 (6) 13woutie13 55
14 (18) Ward 50
14 (18) Pietlut 50
14 (6) Don Dijk 50
14 (18) Finisterra 50
14 (13) BoordAppels 50
14 (18) Klumpie 50
14 (13) starsailor 50
14 (18) De-noir 50
14 (18) Nicholas123 50
14 (18) itchy 50
14 (18) Bedorvenkebab 50
14 (13) stinissen 50
14 (18) Ploppesteksel 50
27 (18) moviemafketel 45
27 (34) voetbalfilosoof 45
27 (34) Benno 45
27 (18) Joy4ever 45
27 (34) Elibol 45
27 (34) MarkoS 45
27 (18) wizard 45
27 (34) Hoppa 45
27 (18) De Trotse Tukker 45
27 (18) Roeb 45
37 (34) Sir Spamalot 40
37 (46) Running On Empty 40
37 (34) Titmeister 40
37 (46) Justus18 40
37 (34) Lukk048 40
37 (34) postpunker 40
37 (18) otherfool 40
37 (34) orbit 40
37 (34) Diesel-MM 40
37 (34) Weirdo Wizzy 40
37 (18) De Klever 40
48 (49) FlyLo 35
48 (49) JohannesA 35
50 (46) snarf349 30

avatar van Nicolage Rico
snarf349 schreef:
Niet te geloven, zowat laatste op de MM-poule en op m'n werk sta ik vijfde.

Of je moet maar 4 collega's hebben.

avatar van El Ninjo
Bij deze weer de dagelijkse update mail die de deelnemers aan mijn voetbalpool ontvangen met hierin ook de MuMeter deelnemers ranking in verwerkt.

Swiss shock Kings of Europe

Football fans,

World Cup favourites Spain suffered a shock defeat by "die Schweizer Nati" as South Africa 2010 served up its first major upset. The European Champions enjoyed almost total control of the game in Durban but were wasteful in front of goal and paid a high price for that at the end."La Furiá Roja" had quickly settled into their rhythmic short passing game and the Swiss hardly got a sniff of the ball in the first quarter-hour. Nevertheless they were not unduly troubled either as Spain failed to turn their elegant control and ball play into concrete attempts on goal. Their first chance of any real substance came after 25 minutes when Iniesta found Pique who fired straight at the goalkeeper. The second half began in a similar vein until the Swiss took the lead against the run of play with their first real attack of the game finished by Gelson Fernandes who slid home from close range. It was only the second shot on goal for the Swiss, who celebrated the unlikely lead with a combination of shock and delight. The Spanish fans were stunned into the silence, but their favourites continued to press in search of that elusive goal. But Iniesta, Torres and Villa were not sharp enough in front of the goal curling their shots wide and Xabi Alonso was unlucky when he almost broke the crossbar with a stunning strike from just outside the area. With Spain committing more men forward, the game became stretched and Switzerland came within a whisker of taking a 2-0 lead when they hit the post. With also losing Iniesta, Spain endured only further frustration and they will need to rebound against Honduras and Chile.

Early in the afternoon Honduras and Chile played the first match in group H. Chile was clearly the better team here playing fresh, attacking and attractive football, but it took until the 34th minute to break the deadlock. There was an element of fortune with the finish but some fine build-up play deserved its reward. with a goal. The attacks kept flowing toward Honduras's goal in the second period but Honduras hopes were kept alive by the Chilean forwards who were missing some golden chances to extend their lead. But at the end Chile could celebrate their first World Cup victory in almost 50 years and their first win outside their home continent.

And in the evening the host nation put all there hopes on Bafana Bafana for again a good result but Uruguay had other plans and hammered the host nation with an assured performance resulting in a 3-0 victory. Diego Forlan was the man of the match silencing the home crowd with 2 goals, one smashed in from long-range (helped by a little deflection) and one penalty. And in the dying stages of the match Alvaro Perreira scored the third goal after an inch-perfect Luis Suarez cross. South Africa tried their best, but they couldn't make up for a lack of quality and in the end that was the difference. South Africa face a mammoth task to stay in the competition. Next up for the hosts are France but to be honest, it looks all over for Bafana Bafana.

Results and Points:

Honduras - Chile 0-1 - toto result: 2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 129 participants.

Spain - Switzerland 0-1 - toto result:2
Toto result correct: 5 points. Nobody predicted this result!!!.

South Africa - Uruguay 0-3 - toto result:2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 96 participants.
Diego Forlan made 2 goals, scored 10 points.
Fernando Muslera, no goals against, scored 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

Well, the thirteen people that have Diego Forlan in their team had a very good day. Topscorers of the day were Alex Gosselt, Ann de Turck, Gert Klingeleers, Hans Dijkstra, Martin de Putter, Olivier van Cauwenbergh, Roy Gosselt and Stefan Rijnders all scoring 20 points. For Roy Gosselt this means that he makes the biggest jump in the ranking gaining 104 places. Ann de Turck, Marcin Famorelo, Nick de Poorter and Martin de Putter complete the top 5 of biggest movers-up in the ranking.

On the other side, out of the 28 people with no points today, the biggest consequences in the ranking were for Anja Plasschaert, João Duarte, Kobe Schrooten, Kurt Verlinden and Wim Raven all losing 59 positions.

But also on the top of the ranking interesting things happened. One of yesterday\s number ones, Teun Koning, not only shaked off the other leaders but also managed to make a gap of 10 points with his near concurrents. He is leading now with 70 points. Five people are on a joined second place now with 60 points, the two winners of the day Gert Klingeleers, Hans Dijkstra, yesterday's co-leader Nico Gosselt and futhermore Martien Jans and Raymond Papenburg. The other co-leader from yesterday Christophe Rahier did fall back to place 7 with 55 points and he got company by 6 more participators.

At the other end of the ranking it is a bad day for Spanish Pilar Pérez Mariño, first of all of course by the loss of Spain and secondly because of joining Marcel Eschauzier on the red lantarn position.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (1) Teunnis - 70 points
2. (2) Paap_Floyd - 60 points
3. (7) Lebowski - 55 points
4. (14) Axel - 50 points
5. (23) Chengue,Kos, Rayman and Woody - 45 points
9.(51) El Ninjo and rgr44 - 40 points
11. (129) herman, Nicolage Rico and Postpunker- 30 points


Tomorrow we start with the second matches of group B. Both the losers and winners of the first matches are playing each other. First of all the two winners, Argentina and South Korea will be playing in Johannesburg. The winner of this match earns almost surely a ticket for the second round. It's clear that Diego Maradonna's Argentina are the favorites here, although South Korea made a good impression in their first match against Greece. But nobody of our participators is believing in a South Korean victory and only 7 think they can make a draw. The vast majority, 174, settle for an Argentinian win.
Then, at 16.00h, the two losers of the first matches in group B meet each other, Nigeria and Greece. Both teams actually need to win to keep their chances alive (although they still can hope after a draw) and it's clear that whoever is losing this match can book the flight tickets home. Here the odds are a bit more divided althouth most of you, 118 to be precise, put their money on Nigeria. 23 people go for Greece and the remaining 40 for a draw.

In the evening we continu with the second match of group A, France against Mexico. With the result of Uruguay in their mind, both teams know that whoever loses this game will be facing an uphill task to secure a place in the last 16. Let's hope however that both teams will play to win instead of playing not to lose. Especially the French will have to lift up their game seriously while Mexico have to focus on maintaining their level for a whole match and not just play well for one half. Good luck to our 4 French participators who, by the way, were not positive at all about the chances of their team, except for Ludo Lebargy none of them think "Les Bleus" make it to the next round.
Well, thats it for today. All the best again for the French participators.

Au Revoir,

avatar van Paap_Floyd
Lekker bezig Teun Ik scoor vooral punten met geslaagde toto's, want mijn opgegeven spelers hebben volgens mij al -5 punten gescoord... Sowieso valt het op dat veel gedoodverfde topscorers nog geen goal hebben gemaakt (Messi, Ronaldo, Fabiano, Rooney, Van Persie, Villa...).

avatar van Nicolage Rico
Ik heb Gillardino ipv Ronaldo. Dus ik heb al 0 punten gescoord met m'n spelers. Daarnaast Casillas als keeper... Gaat goed.

avatar van Woody
Poul is ook dit jaar weer super! Sjappoo! Scores gaan ook ok voor mij. Elke dag snoep ik er een paar mee. Alleen jammer dat er nog zo weinig via scorende spelers punten worden gehaald.

Ik heb Forlan.

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