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Met 10 deelnemers bij de bovenste 51 doen we het trouwens erg goed!

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Spanje ontpopt zich als spelbreker voor mijn toto. Als Zwitserland de resterende poule-wedstrijden niet verzaakt, kan de door mij voorspelde finale Brazilië-Spanje zomaar een achtste finale worden.

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Een troost dat driekwart van de deelnemers deze finale heeft.

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Ik heb geloof ik wel Spanje - Brazilie als achtste finale, maar dan doordat Spanje poulewinnaar werd en Brazilie tweede in zijn poule... In een andere poule heb ik weer Spanje - Portugal in de achtste finale...

Hoe dan ook, Spanje komt niet ver dit toernooi.

avatar van Paap_Floyd
Mwah, ik denk dat het wel meevalt Herman. De tweede ronde lukt nog wel, want ik zie Zwitserland eigenlijk nog wel verzaken tegen Honduras (gelijkspel). Van Chili (die dan al door is) winnen ze wel, omdat ze meer ruimte krijgen, en van Honduras wordt ook ruim gewonnen. Zo kunnen ze zelfs nog poulewinnaar worden

Daarna ligt alles weer open. Bovendien vallen er al zo veel teams tegen

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Dat zal dan wel een geweldige 1/8-finale worden; Brazilië - Spanje. En de winnaar daarvan mag dan in de kwartfinale tegen Nederland. In de halve finale mag de winnaar tegen Duitsland en dan in de finale tegen Argentinië. Als Brazilië, zoals ik heb voorspeld, wereldkampioen wordt hebben kunnen ze dat wel in een heel mooi rijtje doen:

Noord-Korea, Ivoorkust, Portugal, Spanje, Nederland, Duitsland en Argentinië

Maar de bal is dit jaar extra rond, dus je weet maar nooit wat er dit jaar gebeurt.

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Je hebt toch geen Higuain in je team heh? Ik niet in elk geval El Ninjo, wil je voortaan ook voorbereidend werkers in de puntentelling opnemen

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Teunnis schreef:
Als Brazilië, zoals ik heb voorspeld, wereldkampioen wordt hebben kunnen ze dat wel in een heel mooi rijtje doen:

Noord-Korea, Ivoorkust, Portugal, Spanje, Nederland, Duitsland en Argentinië

Ieder team dat werldkampioen wordt krijgt wel een mooi rijtje. Nederland wel pas vanaf de kwartfinale. Maar dan wachten er nog 3 grote teams.

avatar van Paap_Floyd
1 (1) Paap 95
2 (2) levenvergeten 75
3 (3) Teunnis 70
3 (3) RhythmAndPoetry 70
3 (6) Gé Breselassie 70
3 (3) dix 70
7 (6) Kos 65
7 (9) 13woutie13 65
7 (6) Strangeways 65
10 (14) Ploppesteksel 60
10 (9) KoenR 60
10 (9) Rayman1 60
10 (14) Klumpie 60
10 (9) El Ninjo 60
10 (14) stinissen 60
10 (14) Bedorvenkebab 60
17 (14) BoordAppels 55
17 (14) starsailor 55
17 (14) itchy 55
17 (27) Benno 55
17 (14) Don Dijk 55
17 (14) Finisterra 55
17 (9) Reijersen 55
17 (14) De-noir 55
17 (14) Ward 55
17 (14) Nicholas123 55
17 (14) Pietlut 55
17 (27) Joy4ever 55
29 (37) De Klever 50
29 (27) Elibol 50
29 (27) Roeb 50
29 (37) Lukk048 50
29 (37) Justus18 50
29 (37) postpunker 50
29 (27) MarkoS 50
29 (27) wizard 50
29 (27) moviemafketel 50
29 (27) Hoppa 50
29 (27) voetbalfilosoof 50
29 (37) Running On Empty 50
29 (27) De Trotse Tukker 50
42 (37) Titmeister 45
42 (37) Sir Spamalot 45
42 (37) orbit 45
42 (37) Diesel-MM 45
42 (48) FlyLo 45
42 (37) Weirdo Wizzy 45
42 (37) otherfool 45
49 (48) JohannesA 40
50 (50) snarf349 35

avatar van El Ninjo
En hier is de dagelijkse update mail weer, inclusief de MuMeter ranking waar Teunnis nu op de huid gezeten wordt door het kwartet Chenque, Kos, Paap_Floyd en rgr44.

French almost out, Higuain shines with hat-trick

Football fans,

A day after Spain's shock defeat at the hands of Switzerland, we have another surprise result at the 2010 World Cup as France, despite their problematic qualification and world cup preparation with a loss against China, many people's dark horses coming into the tournament, are soundly beaten by a hugely impressive Mexico. If you've got a sombrero, now's the time to get it out but for the French fans it was a hard day and the 2006 runners-up are on the verge of elimination in the group stage. A truly deserved victory for the Mexicans who were the brighter team throughout the match but it took them till the 64th minute to score....and it was about as tight as offside calls get, newly signed ManUnited striker Javier Hernandez was either on or offside, but he kept cool in front of the French goalie. And veteran Blanco converted a penalty that decided the match. France didn't start this game that bad but the longer the game went on the worse they got. The problem was that, despite a list of world class players on the field, France never played as a team.

Early in the afternoon Argentina and South Korea kicked off day 7 of the World Cup. And Maradonna's Argentina presented their title plans with an impressive attacking performance. Argentina took a comfortable 2-0 lead in the first half and it looked game, set and match but out of nothing the Koreans scored 2-1 after an awful mistake of Bayern defender Demichelis. In the second half the match was more in balance with the Koreans even having a huge chance on making the equalizer but at the end it turned out to be the day of Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain who scored a hat trick. Congratulations to our two Argentinian participators, Martin Roquiero and Negro (Emilio) with virtually (but what can go wrong) reaching the last 16.

In the second match of Group B Greece and Nigeria met. Nigeria took the lead by a free kick of Uche was missed by everybody including Greek goalie Tzorvas. And Nigeria looked to have everything in control when suddenly Nigerian player Kaita was strucked by a moment of madness. For some reason he kicked his Greek opponent and the referee had no other choice but to send him off. From that moment on everything went wrong for the Super Eagles. Greece got hope and that hope was strengthened by a lucky equalizer (the result of a huge deflection of a shot that seemed to go wide) just before half-time. In the second half Greece were pressing but Nigeria should have scored on the break but after Yakubu missed in front of the goalie, Obasi managed to somehow fire the rebound wide with the goal gaping, unbelievable. Greece also got chances but always found Nigerian goalie Enyeama on their way until the 72nd minute, when he went from hero to zero by spilling an easy shot giving Greek player Torosidis the opportunity to turn it in. The first goals of Greece in a world cup match immediately meant the first Greek world cup victory.

Results and Points:

Argentina - South Korea 4-1 - toto result: 1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 174 participants.
Gonzalo Higuain made 3 goals, scored 15 points

Greece - Nigeria 2-1 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 23 participants.

France - Mexico 0-2 - toto result:2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 30 participants.
Javier Hernandez made a goal, scored 5 points.
Cuauhtémo Blanco made a goal, scored 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

Gonzalo's Higuains hat-trick and the 15 points he scored for the 22 people who put him in their list of players, shook up the ranking. It was an excellent day for the Grispen family with both father René and son Mamush scoring 25 points. But also Etienne Musquar, Martin Roqueiro, Miguel Alvariño Gil and Peter Penders got the same amount of points which made them the winners of the day.
For Mamush Grispen it means winning 115 places which makes him the biggest mover up today, followed by Etienne Musquar and Peter Penders - both gaining 98 places, Manuel Guzman - gaining 86 places, Miguel Alvariño Gil - gaining 75 places and João Duarte and Kurt Verlinden - both gaining 64 places.

A huge contrast with Herbe van de Merbel, Jeroen Delmeire, Raimon Laan and Ruud Smeets who all four didn't score any points at all today. For Herbe van de Merbel it means losing 51 places in the ranking, the biggest drop of today.

What does it all mean for the overall intermediate ranking. Well, our leader Teun Koning is still on top but he got company of two other participators, Olivier van Cauwenbergh and Stefan Rijnders both coming from the 7th position. And Portuguese competitor Rui Cortez also did good business by jumping from place 14 to place 4, and being only 5 points behind the three leaders. On the fifth place we find 15 participators.

At the bottom we find Diana Hamelink, Jeroen Delmeire, Raimon Laan and Vital Drees with 25 points but the red lantarn is still carried by Marcel Eschauzier and Pilar Pérez Mariño, both scoring 20 points now.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (1) Teunnis - 75 points
2. (5) Chengue, Kos, Paap_Floyd and rgr44 - 65 points
6. (20) Lebowski - 60 points
7. (31) Axel, Postpunker and Woody - 55 points
10. (45) Rayman - 50 points
11.(74) El Ninjo - 45 points
12. (116) herman - 40 points
13. (140) Nicolage Rico - 35 points


Tomorrow we start with the second matches of group C and D. First of all Serbia has to take up Germany in Group D. To speak with Louis van Gaal, for the Serbs it's already "die Tot oder die Gladiolen". After losing their first match against Ghana they know that a second successive setback would spell the end of their qualification hopes. And although they didn't play bad they will have to raise their level to get a result against the Germans who played an excellent game against Australia and presented themselves as a title favorite. It's no surprise that the Germans are the big favorites for this match. In our footballpool 99 participators filled in a 1 for a German victory, 68 settle for a draw and 14 think the Serbs might surprise. Good luck for our 5 German participators, amongst them Julian Szell, if I remember well the winner of our football pool edition of 2002.

After this group D match we move to group C were first of all Slovenia and USA meet each other. Slovenia find themselves in the comfort zone after winning against Algeria and despite the excellent result against England, USA will feel the pressure to get a result. It will be a though match were the USA are favorites amongst you, 101 people are confident that the yankees will win, 33 go for Slovenia and 47 for a draw.

The tussle for the top two spots in group C will intensify when England take to the field against Algeria in the evening match. After the disappointing draw against the USA the pressure is on Fabio Cappello's men. Are they able to leave the first match behind them and what team will Capello put on the field...who will be the goalie and who will be supporting Wayne Rooney upfront in attack. Nevertheless, I can't imagine England not winning this match and so think another 166 participators with me. Only 14 people have a different opinion and go for a draw, nobody thinks Algeria have a chance to win. Good luck for our British participators and especially for my UK colleague Phil Drinkwater.

Well, that's it for today, CU all tomorrow again,


avatar van herman
Grappig, een maatje die ik op jouw poule had gewezen staat nu gedeeld eerste. Het zal toch niet...

avatar van El Ninjo
herman schreef:
Grappig, een maatje die ik op jouw poule had gewezen staat nu gedeeld eerste. Het zal toch niet...

Je hebt toch wel een winstpercentage bedongen in geval dat...

avatar van herman
Nee, helaas niet... Maar we moeten nog even. Wie weet kom ik zelf nog bovendrijven

188e van de (ongeveer) 250.000 op hyves .

avatar van Weirdo Wizzy
Gestegen van 42 naar 18 vandaag! Jaja voetbalinzicht verloochent zich niet!

avatar van Paap_Floyd
1 (1) Paap 95
2 (2) levenvergeten 80
3 (3) Teunnis 75
4 (3) dix 70
4 (3) RhythmAndPoetry 70
4 (3) Gé Breselassie 70
4 (7) Strangeways 70
8 (10) stinissen 65
8 (10) Klumpie 65
8 (10) KoenR 65
8 (7) Kos 65
8 (7) 13woutie13 65
13 (10) El Ninjo 60
13 (10) Rayman1 60
13 (10) Ploppesteksel 60
13 (10) Bedorvenkebab 60
13 (17) Finisterra 60
18 (17) Don Dijk 55
18 (17) Benno 55
18 (29) postpunker 55
18 (17) Reijersen 55
18 (42) otherfool 55
18 (17) itchy 55
18 (17) starsailor 55
18 (17) BoordAppels 55
18 (17) De-noir 55
18 (42) orbit 55
18 (29) Elibol 55
18 (29) Lukk048 55
18 (29) MarkoS 55
18 (42) Weirdo Wizzy 55
18 (17) Pietlut 55
18 (17) Nicholas123 55
18 (29) Roeb 55
18 (17) Ward 55
18 (17) Joy4ever 55
37 (29) Hoppa 50
37 (29) Justus18 50
37 (29) Running On Empty 50
37 (29) De Klever 50
37 (29) voetbalfilosoof 50
37 (29) De Trotse Tukker 50
37 (29) moviemafketel 50
37 (29) wizard 50
37 (42) Diesel-MM 50
37 (42) Titmeister 50
47 (42) FlyLo 45
47 (42) Sir Spamalot 45
47 (49) JohannesA 45
50 (50) snarf349 40

Van 9 naar 16 gezakt in de algemene stand. Gelukkig was ik dus niet de enige die zo beroerd scoorde

avatar van El Ninjo
Ietsjes later dan gebruikelijk de update mail voor mijn voetbalpool, met daarin verwerkt de MuMeter deelnemers ranking.

Agv de 15 minpunten die Klose kreeg vanwege zijn rode kaart is de stand redelijk door elkaar gehusseld. In de MuMeter ranking hebben we 5 koplopers!!!

Serbia stun 10 man Germany

Football fans,

These second round matches in the group stages keeps providing us surprises. It started today with Germany - Serbia. Based on the impressive first round win Germany was immediately seen as one the big title candidates. But the Serbs brought a 10 man (well playing) German squad back down to earth with a narrow 1-0 win. And referee Mallenco of Spain played a big part in this match. With the number of yellow cards he was flashing it was bound to happen that somebody got a (second yellow) red card and Miroslav Klose was the unlucky one. Germany was for a moment not focused and the Serbs immediately took advantage 1 minute later with what proved to be the match winner of new Liverpool player Milan Jovanovich. Germany raced out of the blocks following the restart and did get some very good chances to equalize the best of course by Lukas Podolski from 11 meters but Serbian goalie Stojkovic pulled off a great save. Also Serbia did get some great chances to double their lead. Both teams hit the crossbar/post but the Serbs managed to bring the victory home. A famous win for Serbia that blows Group D wide open - they join Germany and Ghana (playing Australia tomorrow) on three points.

And in Group D another big name was upset. A toothless England was frustrated by Algeria helding Capello's men on a goalless draw. A disappointing result for a disappointing England performance. Capello's men never found there rhythm in this game and were unable to create chances. But also credits for Algeria, playing compact, working hard and looking technically far superior. England coach Fabio Capello probably had better birthdays then today. The pressure will be on big time now and they will need to improve if they want to survive the group stages.

In the second match of Group D we saw an attractive game between Slovenia and USA. The former Yugoslavians surprisingly took a 2-0 lead at half-time against the Yankees and looked to be on course for a second straight win. But the USA fought back in the second half to earn a battling 2-2 draw and were even denied a 3-2 victory when the referee ruled out, what seemed to be a clear goal from Maurice Edu.

Results and Points:

Germany - Serbia 0-1 - toto result: 2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 14 participants.
Milan Jovanovich made 1 goal, scored 5 points
Miroslav Klose received a red card (2 yellow cards) and scored 15 penalty points !!!
Philippe Lahm received a yellow card and scored 5 penalty points.
Bastian Schweinsteiger received a yellow card and scored 5 penalty points.

Slovenia - USA 2-2 - toto result: X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 47 participants.
Landon Donovan made 1 goal, scored 5 points.

England - Algeria 0-0 - toto result: X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 14 participants.
David James received no goals against, scored 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

Miroslav's Klose red card and the 15 penalty points completely turned the ranking completely upside down, although two of the three leaders, Olivier van Cauwenbergh and Stefan Rijnders remained on top even though they didn't score any points. But we still have three leaders, Portuguese Rui Cortez scored 5 points and moved up to the joined top position. Previous leader Teun Koning dropped to position 9 scoring losing 10 points because of Klose. On the 4th position, only 5 points behind the leaders, we find 5 people, Bart Tubee, Florina Szell, Koen Rubens, Martin Roqueiro and Nico Gosselt.

At the bottom Marcel Eschauzier and Pilar Pérez Mariño are no longer on the last two positions, we find another duo now holding the red lantern, Leen Terrebrood and Mieke van Acker.

The winner of day was Josiane Loyens, the only participator scoring 15 points. But also Melchior Wiekenkamp, Raimon Laan, Roy Gosselt, Silvia Marques and Stefan Moons did well with 10 points. 32 participators however lost points yesterday due to the yellow / red cards and 19 of them even lost 15 points.

Melchior Wiekenkamp gained the most positions, 64 to be precise while Ann de Turck, Eric Groot, Gabi von Trotha, Lode Santermans, Marc Wolters and Rudy de Hulster lost 84 places in the ranking.

Find back your ranking in the attached file and don't hesitate to ask me if you think something is wrong.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (9) Chengue, Kos, Paap_Floyd, rgr44 and Teunnis - 65 points
6. (25) Lebowski and Postpunker - 60 points
8. (32) Axel - 55 points
9. (52) Rayman - 50 points
10. (79) El Ninjo - 45 points
11. (114) herman and Woody - 40 points
13. (129) Nicolage Rico - 35 points

Tomorrow / Today:

Tomorrow (Today in the meantime) it's Orange time again. Holland plays it's second round match against Japan. The Dutch will need to raise their level against the Japanese, who started with a non expected victory against Cameroon, otherwise they will be the next in line of big European teams who got surprised by one of the (on paper) smaller teams. Apart from Brazilian particpator Karen Formehl who think Japan will win (Karen, I'm a bit disappointed...thought you would be supporting us ) a majority of 175 people go for a dutch victory and the remaining 5 for a draw.

In the evening the other second round match of Group E is planned, Denmark against Cameroon. Both teams lost their first round match and can't afford another mistake anymore and actually both need to win althought a draw still might offer a lifeline for the last match. The predictions for this match are less obvious and really divided in 3 more or less equal parts. 60 participators go for Cameroon, 52 for Denmark and 69 for a draw.

Inbetween the Group E matches the second round of Group D is finished with the match between Ghana and Australia. Ghana started really well with a very good victory over Serbia while Australia disappointed big time, not as much with the defeat against Germany but more with the way they played. Will they be able to take revanche against the hope of the African continent. After Germany's defeat against Serbia, this group is completely open again and everything still is possible. But the Socceroos, with the goal difference of 0-4, really need to win to keep their chances alive. However only 46 of our participators think that they can really do that, 82 think Ghana wins and 53 see a draw. Good luck to all our Australian participators !!!

Well, that's it for today, CU all tomorrow again,


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Duur dagje. 15 punten verlies.

avatar van Teunnis
Die Duitsers zijn ook nooit te vertrouwen

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En dit is de dagelijkse update mail voor de deelnemers aan mijn voetbalpool van vandaag met daarin hier nu ook weer de ranking van de MuMeter deelnemers in verwerkt.

Holland to second round, Cameroon out.

Football fans,

The Netherlands have not exactly got going at this World Cup yet but we won't be complaining too much with two wins out of two after a hard-fought victory in Durban over Japan and thus securing as first team in this tournament a second round place. Nevertheless it was again a poor performance of our "Orange" team against a stubborn Japan side and especially the first half is one to forget very quick. In the second half we started better and it was Wesley Sneijder slammed in a powerful shot behind the Japanese goalie who didn't look at his best when trying to save it. Only in the last 10 minutes Holland found the space and got the chances but substitute Ibrahim Afellay missed twice in front of the goalie. For a moment it looked that Holland would pay the price for missing the 2-0 when Japan got a huge chance in the last minute but the ball went just over.

In the evening match of Group E the two losing teams from the first round matches were playing, Denmark and Cameroon. And it turned out to be a highly entertaining game, something this tournament needed, in which both teams squandered numerous chances and with Denmark, coming back from behind, as the lucky one to win. Cameroon started very well and within 10 minutes Samuel Eto'o clinically finished the chance he got after an horrific error in the Danish defense. But the Danes stroke back when Dennis Rommedahl, after a beautiful 50 yard pass of Simon Kjaer, slipped over a cross for Nicklas Bendtner to slide in into the goal. It was a miracle that it was still 1-1 after 45 minutes since both teams (Cameroon more than Denmark) got big chances to make a second or third goal. After the break Cameroon started again started well but it were the Danes to score. Man of the match Dennis Rommedahl scored after sloppy defending of the Cameroon left wing defender who gave him too much space to shoot on goal. Jon Dahl Tomasson had the chance to finish the match for the Danes but missed. At the other side Cameroon kept pressing and were close with Achille Emana's attempt that was brilliantly saved by the Danish goalie. End result 1-2 for Denmark but it easily could have been 3-3 or 4-2 or 2-3. Cameroon probably didn't deserve this result playing their part in this pulsating match, but nevertheless they are the first team to leave this tournament.

In Group D Australia were facing Ghana. After the 4-0 defeat against Germany the Socceroos were lambasted by their national press so their was a lot of pressure on the team, unlike Ghana that started this World Cup well with a 1-0 victory over Serbia. But the Aussies started well and were helped by another goalkeeping howler in the 11th minute of the match enabling Brett Holman to score the opening goal. Ghana slowly started to take over the game after this goal but they needed a penalty in the 25th minute to equalize. But even worse for the Socceroos was that Harry Kewell, causing the penalty, was sent off with a straight red card after stopping the ball on the line with a combination of chest and right arm. Ghana started pressing for the 2-1 but Australia made it to half-time without any further damage. In the second half Ghana played to slow to worry Australia and they allowed the Socceroos in the game too much, resulting in an unbelievable chance for Australia but Wilkshire was denied by a fabulous save of the Ghana goalie. Australia were giving it everything and they got their reward in the end, a draw with a ten man side and still a small chance to survive the group stage.

Results and Points:

Netherlands - Japan 1-0 - toto result: 1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 175 participants.
Wesley Sneijder made 1 goal, scored 5 points
Maarten Stekelenburg received no goals against, scored 5 points

Ghana - Australia 1-1 - toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 53 participants.
Assamoah Gyan made 1 goal, scored 5 points.

Cameroon - Denmark 1-2 - toto result:2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 52 participants.
Samuel Eto'o made 1 goal, scored 5 points.

Scores and Ranking:

What does this all mean for the ranking. We have 5 winners of the day all scoring 20 points, being Bob Schouten, Gert-Jan Blanckaert, Huub Keulers, Pieter Reijven and Tamara Korstanje. Only 2 people didn't score any points today, Peter McGoldrick and Wim Raven.
Looking at the movements in the ranking we see that Bob Schouten did the best job gaining 67 positions, second best was Huub Keulers with moving up 55 positions and third was Tamara Korstanje jumping 53 places. Also Antonio Romero and Bruno Villé did good business with 38 places up. Peter McGoldrick and Wim Raven both lost 49 positions as a result of their bad scores today.
We now have a quartet on top of the ranking. Bart Tubee moved up from 4th position and joined the 3 leaders Olivier van Cauwenbergh, Rui Cortez and Stefan Rijnders. All 4 of them have 85 points now. But a group of 6 people is following them with only 5 points less, Alex Gosselt, Florina Szell, Hans Dijkstra, Josiane Loyens, Linda Moyens and Stefan Moons.
At the bottom of the ranking we find Jarni Braal and Mieke van Acker with only 25 points scored so far.

Find back your ranking in the attached file and don't hesitate to ask me if you think something is wrong.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (11) Chengue, Kos and Lebowski - 75 points
4. (24) Paap_Floyd, rgr44 and Teunnis - 70 points
7. (31) Axel and Postpunker - 65 points
9. (47) El Ninjo and Rayman - 60 points
11. (101) herman - 50 points
12. (128) Nicolage Rico and Woody - 45 points


Tomorrow we will see the current World Champions in action again when Italy is facing New Zealand. New Zealand's World Cup campaign looks already successfull with a draw against Slowakia but they surely will hope on a next stunt and it might be that this match will not be as easy for Italy as it looks on paper. Italy without Buffon and still without creative midfielder and motor of the team Andrea Pirlo, know from a friendly match in 2009 in South Africa that the Kiwi's are a tough team to beat. Italy won 4-3 in 2009 but they were given a real scare then. Still, looking at the predictions, almost nobody believes in an upset result, 177 people go for Italy, 3 for a draw and I'm glad to see that our only New Zealand participator Brian Woods support his team with a win. Good luck for you Brian tomorrow but also for our only Italian competitor Michele Cominacini.

Before this match the two other teams in Group E, Slowakia and Paraguay are meeting each other in Bloemfontein. Paraguay will be starting fully confident after playing a good match against Italy resulting in a draw. Slowakia might still be upset with the way they gave away the victory in injury time against New Zealand. Paraguay is the favorite amongst you with 84 predictions of a win for them, 37 people go for a Slowakian win and 60 settle with a draw.

But in the evening we have the most interesting game, a match to look forward too when African's hope Ivory Coast will take up against World Cup favorites Brazil. Much vaunted for their attacking firepower, Brazil and Ivory Coast were both involved in largely low-key opening games. Brazil spent most of their meeting with Korea DPR trying to find their way through the well-drilled "Chollima" defence, while the Ivorians were comfortably held by the Portuguese in a match in which defences held sway throughout.Having worked off their debut nerves, however, and with the Round of 16 beckoning, the two sides ought to serve up an entertaining encounter. With the likes of Drogba, Luis Fabiano, Salomon Kalou and Robinho on duty, another defensive spectacle is unlikely. Good luck for our Brazilian participator Karen Formehl.

Well, that's it for today, CU all tomorrow again,

Ciao Ciao,

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1 (1) Paap 115
2 (2) levenvergeten 105
3 (3) Finisterra 95
4 (5) dix 90
4 (11) KoenR 90
4 (3) Strangeways 90
4 (11) RhythmAndPoetry 90
8 (5) Gé Breselassie 85
8 (11) Bedorvenkebab 85
8 (5) Kos 85
8 (25) Benno 85
8 (5) Teunnis 85
13 (11) Don Dijk 80
13 (16) Pietlut 80
13 (16) Joy4ever 80
13 (16) De-noir 80
13 (5) orbit 80
13 (5) stinissen 80
13 (11) itchy 80
20 (16) Reijersen 75
20 (16) starsailor 75
20 (25) El Ninjo 75
20 (32) postpunker 75
20 (16) Klumpie 75
20 (16) otherfool 75
20 (25) BoordAppels 75
20 (16) Roeb 75
20 (25) Ward 75
29 (25) Ploppesteksel 70
29 (25) Weirdo Wizzy 70
29 (25) Rayman1 70
29 (32) Nicholas123 70
29 (16) 13woutie13 70
29 (32) moviemafketel 70
29 (32) De Klever 70
29 (32) Elibol 70
37 (32) Sir Spamalot 65
37 (32) MarkoS 65
37 (32) Lukk048 65
37 (32) Running On Empty 65
37 (32) Titmeister 65
37 (44) wizard 65
37 (32) voetbalfilosoof 65
44 (44) Hoppa 60
44 (44) De Trotse Tukker 60
44 (32) Diesel-MM 60
44 (44) Justus18 60
48 (48) snarf349 55
48 (48) JohannesA 55
48 (48) FlyLo 55

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Paap, mocht ik je nog inhalen in de poule, zal ik dan de nobele taak op me nemen de tussenstand hier dagelijks te posten?

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Oh dat hoeft niet per se. Ik had ook wel gepost als ik niet bovenaan stond. En ik word vast nog wel ingehaald

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Kijk maar uit..... Ik ben nu de hoogst genoteerde met Nederland als uiteindelijke winnaar Maar het zal allemaal om na de groepsfase gaan neem ik aan.

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Mijn finale Argentinië - Brazilie is ook niet ondenkbaar, gezien de poulefase

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Als je, bij de poule waarin MuMe massaal meedoet, bijv. voor een wedstrijd 2-1 hebt, maar het wordt uiteindelijk 1-1: krijg je dan 1 of 2 punten voor de goede score van het, in dit geval uit spelende team? Verder neem ik aan dat een perfecte score 10 punten is, een bijna perfecte (bijv. 2-0 i.p.v. 2-1) 7 punten en een goede winnaar maar geen goede score (1-0 i.p.v. 4-3) 5 punten?

Kan zijn dat het ergens staat, maar ik ben lui nu.

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MJ_DA_MAN schreef:
Als je, bij de poule waarin MuMe massaal meedoet, bijv. voor een wedstrijd 2-1 hebt, maar het wordt uiteindelijk 1-1: krijg je dan 1 of 2 punten voor de goede score van het, in dit geval uit spelende team? Verder neem ik aan dat een perfecte score 10 punten is, een bijna perfecte (bijv. 2-0 i.p.v. 2-1) 7 punten en een goede winnaar maar geen goede score (1-0 i.p.v. 4-3) 5 punten?

Kan zijn dat het ergens staat, maar ik ben lui nu.
Dan krijg je helemaal niks. Je krijgt alleen punten als je toto juist hebt voorspeld. Als je de uitslag dan ook nog een helemaal correct hebt krijg je 5 bonuspunten. Ik vind het ook een beetje een ruksysteem, maar ik zal verder niet klagen.

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Ow, bij de poule waar ik aan meedoe is dat namelijk wel; heb daar nu 93 punten en dacht dus eventjes dat als ik aan deze poule mee had gedaan in de top 5 stond. Maar doe het daar niet al te best (zoals velen door de vele rare uitslagen), dus het leek me al dat je dan geen punten kreeg.

Edit: hoe dom ben ik dat ik deze vraag stel en aan de tussenstand zie dat er duidelijk met een vijf-punten-systeem wordt gewerkt .

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Bijna vergeten...bij deze mijn dagelijkse email update voor de deelnemers aan mijn voetbalpool. Hierin zoals gebruikelijk ook weer een MuMeter ranking in verwerkt....waarin Lebowski de leiding in handen heeft en ondergetekende de rode lantaarn.

All Whites book historical result against Azurri

Football fans,

Yet another World Cup 2010 bombshell as Italy, the current world champions, were held by a national side that doesn't even have a professional league and just one professional team. Astonishing but a superb performance of New Zealand and without a doubt the greatest result in New Zealand's footballing history. Italy, although trying to press hard, are clearly missing the creativity of Andrea Pirlo and let's hope for them he will be ready to play in the final group match. The two goals in this match were both a bith doubtful since New Zealand's goal looked to be offside and Italy did earn a very easy given penalty. In the end a 1-1 result and I can imagine New Zealand participator Brian Woods is much happier at the moment than Italy participator Michele Cominacini. Nevertheless, never rule out Italy, remember 1982 were they also started dramatically with 3 draws and only survived the group stages on more scored goals...and guess who was holding the Cup in the end.

Groep F started with the match between Slovakia and Paraguay. The South Americans took a big step towards a place in the last 16 with a fully-deserved win over the Eastern Europeans. Paraguay were looking comfortable throughout the whole game against a Slovakia that looked short of ideas. With 1 goal in each half for Paraguay it was 0-2 at the end and there's not much more to say about another disappointing match at this World Cup.

In the evening Brazil and Ivory Coast played, on paper an attractive match. But the first half was a bit disappointing, not too much spectacle except for the great goal of Brazilian striker Luis Fabiano, by many of you chosen as topscorer of the tournament. The second half was more entertaining resulting in 3 more goals, Luis Fabiano and Elano for Brazil and Didier Drogba for Ivory Coast, which made it 3-1 at the end. And sorry for the french participators but unfortunately in the second half the french referee was as bad as the the french national team is playing at the moment. He missed the handbal (twice) of Luis Fabiano at the second goal, didn't give a card for the foul on Elano and Kaka was sent from the field when Abdelkader Keita collapsed holding his face after, in my opinion, an innocuous collision between the players which did not warrant a booking (but maybe I am looking with a coloured view here since Kaka is in my team of players and earned me 15 penalty points )
Brazil is the second team now that secured themselves a place in the 1/8 finales. Congratulations to our Brazilian participator Karen Formehl.

Results and Points:

Slovakia - Paraguay 0-2 - toto result: 2
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 84 participants.

Italy - New Zealand 1-1 - toto result:X
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by only 3 participants.
Vincenzo Iaquinta made 1 goal, scored 5 points.

Brazil - Cote d'Ivoire 3-1 - toto result:1
Toto result correct: 5 points. This was predicted correct by 150 participants.
Luis Fabiano made 2 goals, scored 10 points.
Didier Drogba made 1 goal, scored 5 points.
Kaka got a red card (2 times yellow) and scored 15 penalty points.

Scores and Ranking:

What does this all mean for the ranking. Well, for the first time I can mention my own name in this part...but unfortunately not because I'm the winner of the day but because I'm made the biggest drop in the ranking losing 97 positions. Just as Brian Woods, Myranda Braal and Pierre Dubois I scored 10 minus points. But Jeroen Delmeire had even a worse day, losing 15 points.
Winner of the day was Menno Maas, scoring 25 points and gaining 49 positions in the ranking. Also Peter Penders and our Thai competitor Achaya Israngkura were scoring 25 points today and moved up to the top 5.

We have 4 leaders now all scoring 100 points. The family Gosselt is still doing well with Alex Gosselt now on top together with Bart Tubee, Rui Cortez and Stefan Moons. They are followed by Achaya Israngkura, Hans Dijkstra, Koen Rubens, Marc Knip, Martin Roqueiro and Stefan Rijnders, all scoring 95 points.

At the bottom of the ranking we find Ann de Turck, Jarni Braal and Pierre Dubois with 35 points, Brian Woods (but he probably won't mind after another New Zealand success ) with 25 points and the red lantarn is now for Jeroen Delmeire with 20 points.

Find back your ranking in the attached file and don't hesitate to ask me if you think something is wrong.

Scores and Ranking MuMeter Competitors (between brackets the position in the overall ranking):

1. (5) Lebowski - 95 points
2. (11) Kos, Paap_Floyd, Postpunke and rgr44 - 90 points
6. (19) Teunnis - 85 points
7. (27) Chengue - 80 points
8. (47) Axel - 75 points
9. (57) Rayman - 70 points
10. (80) herman and Woody - 65 points
12. (106) Nicolage Rico - 60 points
13. (144) El Ninjo - 50 points

Tomorrow / Today:

Tomorrow the last second round matches of the Group stage are programmed. We start the day with Portugal against Korea DPR. Portugal are the big favorites in this match and they need to win to keep their chances alive in group G. With the loss of Ivory Coast against Brazil a win against Korea means that Portugal needs a draw against an already qualified Brazil to survive. And a win with a lot of goals might even give them the opportunity to survive with a very small loss in the last match. A big majority of 170 participants have no doubt that Portugal will finish this job, 4 people go for a big surprise and think Korea will win, 7 people go for a draw. Good luck to all our Portuguese participators !!!

We continu with Group H where Chile first meet Switzerland. The Swiss have caused the biggest upset of the tournament so far by beating European Champion Spain, maybe the biggest title favorite of all. Will they be able to get another result today. With the Honduras match to come you would think that a draw against Chile will put the Swiss in the driver seat to reach the next round. And what about Chile, they played a very attractive refreshing game against Honduras, will they be able to show that again. The votes amongst our footballpool participators are divided, 70 go for Chile, 49 for Switzerland and 62 for a draw.

In the evening Spain are facing Honduras. For Spain there's no time to waste anymore. They need two victories out of these last 2 group matches to keep their title aspirations alive. Despite their loss Spain played a very good match and I think poor Honduras will no doubt be their first victim as they are looking for revanche. Again almost all participators think in the same direction, a Spanish victory - 176 to be precise. From the remaning 5 we see 2 draws and 3 people going for Honduras. Good luck also to all our Spanish participators !!!

Well, that's it for today, CU all tomorrow again,

Bye Bye,

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Zo, eindelijk punten gescoord in de poule van Erminio, 25 stuks vandaag.

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